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This year, the Eco Rally Portugal will have its seventh edition, having been held uninterruptedly since 2018, surviving pandemics, war in Europe and inflationary outbreaks.

During these times, talking about electric mobility is becoming commonplace, but fortunately for the best reasons. The industry chose this path, perhaps pressured by regulators, but it could also have been the other way around, we don't know.

What is certain is that, in Europe, the numbers of citizens joining are impressive and at this moment, it can be said that we are in fact already experiencing a new technological cycle.

It seems to us, however, that motorsport is not evolving at the same pace. Of course, we see progress in this direction, but we are not there yet.

We know that there are technological issues, especially those related to safety, that have to be addressed and we also have to develop marketing to replace some sensations that excite fans, such as noise, or even the smell of combustion-powered competition cars... but the this is the way.

We just hope that the institutions that legislate and regulate motorsport do not themselves, even if unintentionally, delay the process. We have to be bold.

To finish and on this topic, we leave you with a recent quote from multiple Formula 1 champion, Emerson Fittipaldi: “…I think that too many rules take away the essence of any sport…”.

So, let's simplify to find the right pace to develop motorsport.


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